Photographing airplanes

two North American Texan T-6's in Airshow

How to photograph planes in airshow If you are looking some serious know how and tutorial how to shoot mind blowing pictures of airplanes you might get disappointed. I’d rather share my experience about the numerous mistakes I’ve made. Still you may learn something. Disclaimer: This is not a guide, just some of my comments … Read more

Photographing the Milky Way

The Big Dipper, asterism of seven stars

Photographing the Milky Way was something I wanted to try because with the naked eye it’s barely visible here in Finland. You can see only a dim cloud-like area in the sky but that’s all. So, let’s get out and try.¬†A camera has a much better low light sensitivity¬†than the human eye. At least better than my eyes. With a long exposure, you can catch a lot more light than what the eye can see.

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